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Welcome to NBAMTZONE

  • NBA 2K20 MyTEAM Unlimited $250,000 Tournament Revealed

For all the MyTEAM fans out there in NBA 2K20, a competition has been reported only for you. In addition, a gigantic prize pool is accessible so in the event that you think you have the stuff, you can bring home a cut of the $250,000 prize. 

The competition will occur crosswise over Xbox One and PS4 and here's all that you have to think about it. 
In case you're a major enthusiast of the MyTEAM mode in 2K20, this is something you ought to watch out for as you can win a brisk buck. 

The most effective method to Play in the MyTEAM Tournament
The main qualifier starts October 12 and will proceed until January 18 when 16 qualifiers for each comfort (Xbox One and PS4) will contend in a solitary end competition for an outing to NBA All-Star 2020 and the $250,000 thousand prize. 

Here are the four qualifier dates: 
First Qualifier GameDay: October 12, 2019 
Second Qualifier GameDay: November 16, 2019 
Third Qualifier GameDay: December 14, 2019 
Fourth Qualifier GameDay: January 18, 2020 

Storing up 10 successes are required to take part in each GameDay, and competitors may contend in different GameDays. 

During each GameDay, players will at that point contend to win whatever number games as could reasonably be expected during the four-hour time limit, gaining focuses towards their Total Score with each success. 

The players with the main four scores on each reassure toward the finish of each GameDay will meet all requirements for the single-disposal competition. 

On January 25, the single-end competition starts with 32 players going up against one another. Every finalist will win a lump of the prize pool, averaging out to $5,500, so simply making it there will procure players some cash. 

This last challenge will happen in Chicago at the NBA All-Star Game, so in the event that you play your cards right you'll be getting an excursion there. 

For the total rundown of guidelines, make certain to look at them on 2K's site.